Our Philosophy

We try hard to be on time so to avoid making you wait. We do not schedule large numbers of patients in each time slot. We reserve a reasonable amount of time for each patient visit. We realize that your time is very important, especially in today’s busy society. Many dental offices are undertaking HMO and PPO insurance contracts that encourage a large volume of patients. Dr. Wu has chosen not to participate in these programs and he has decided to continue to offer individualized dental care, focusing on the needs of individuals rather than on the requirements of insurance companies. This allows us the time to listen to your questions, rather than rushing you through an appointment. If you have additional questions at the end of a procedure, we encourage you to ask them. We try to be a “user friendly” office, in spite of the hustle and bustle of modern technology that seems to speed everything into the fast forward mode.

Our Committement to Excellence.

Dr. Wu is committed to excellence in dentistry. We use the highest quality dental materials, the best dental supplies available, and superior laboratories. We have found that restorations, if done well, will stand the test of time. Some dentists, feeling pressured by high-volume insurance contracts, feel the need to cut corners. Unfortunately, it is difficult for the consumer-patient to evaluate their dental treatment. Often, if it doesn’t hurt afterwards, the patient assumes it is OK. However, if dental treatment is rushed or if sub-standard materials are used, the work will not last very long and often it can lead to more serious dental problems. In our office, Dr. Wu uses high-powered magnification for dental treatment. This allows us to see disease that would not be detected by ordinary vision and to make excellent dental restorations.

Is this dentistry expensive? Initially, yes it does cost more than HMO dentistry. But, over the test of time, excellent dentistry is actually less costly. Quality products, including dental restorations, will last longer and be less expensive in the long run than inferior products purchased initially for less money. Would you rather buy a television set that lasts ten years and pay a little more, or buy one that is less expensive and breaks down just as soon as the two-year warranty expires? We’ve all had those experiences. What value do you place on your mouth? How important is your smile to you? Does your dentist do an oral cancer exam and gum disease screening each time you are in for a check-up? Does your dentist use magnification? Does your dentist use a quality lab? Does your dentist take the extra time with you to answer “all” of of you questions sincerely? Every patient has the right to ask questions and receive quality explanations.


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